Women in the Construction IndustryWomen in the Construction Industry

Women in the Construction Industry

March 2, 2020

During International Women’s Month, the Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA) congratulates all women in Puerto Rico, especially those who have decided to enter non-traditional careers that have long been led by men, such as the construction industry. The PRBA prides itself on having in its Board of Directors valuable women who dedicate their lives as leaders, contributing their talents, energy, creativity and wisdom to make Puerto Rico a better place.

Vanessa de Mari-Monserrate

Licensed Architect, Real Estate Broker; Development Department Manager, F&R Construction Group, Inc.; President, F&R Management Services, LLC; Vice President, Urbañus Development, Inc.; Vice President, PRBA Board of Directors

"Women in the construction industry are an important voice that breaks barriers, they’re an engine of growth and balance. Climbing to the top can be hard for any human being, however we face obstacles that make the path to leadership a real challenge that with persistence, effort, and optimism can be overcome".

Waleska Rivera

CEO Danosa and Treasurer of the PRBA Board of Directors

"Women in construction open the door to greater opportunities and alternatives for other women, increasing labor participation, thus contributing to the economic development of Puerto Rico. Women in construction have an important role to play as an example to others who are interested in positions in the sector increasing labor participation and thus to economic development."

Wilma Z. Alejandro Ramirez

Relations Officer, Banco Popular of Puerto Rico; and Past Treasurer and Member of the PRBA Board of Directors

"Women in construction have managed to combat the gender stereotypes and have successfully integrated into an industry historically dominated by men. As a businesswoman and banker for more than two decades, I have had the joy of having excellent mentors who have seen me as their 'peer' and have boosted my career without making me feel different for being of the opposite sex. My passion goes far beyond being a woman, it is the opportunity to provide a family with a safe roof and contributing through my experiences to the economic development of my country."

María de los Ángeles Rivera

CPA; Tax partner and International Business Center Director; PRBA Board Member; and Past President of the Tax Affairs Committee

"Women react differently when assessing risks. This provides balance in decision-making time when evaluating and reacting to risk in the construction industry."

Victoria “Vicky” Colón

Executive Vice President, Mutual Development Services Corp., and PRBA Board Member

"Women in construction persevere. We are tasked with a 'bigger' purpose than most, which is neither swift or easy. Our imperative as women in construction is to pave the way for our daughters by creating an environment where limitations no longer exist, dreams are unlimited and achievements aren’t tripped with obstacles. We must move them to 'lean in', as Sheryl Sandberg urges us. And when they do so, they must do it with purpose, courage, honor, love and empathy."

Nydin M. Watlington Castro, Esq.

Public Affairs & General Counsel, CEMEX of Puerto Rico, Inc. and Member of the PRBA Board of Directors

"Women in construction bring new approaches that promote diversity of thought, inclusive leadership and equity in the progress of an industry that has historically been dominated by the male gender."

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