Puerto Rico Builders Association wins pair of national awardsPuerto Rico Builders Association wins pair of national awards

Puerto Rico Builders Association wins pair of national awards

Puerto Rico Builders Association
June 2, 2022

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has recognized several institutional efforts by Puerto Rico Builders Association, namely its "Tiempo de Construir" (“Time to Build”) publication and its local government affairs effort with their campfire event with Puerto Rican mayors and legislators.

The initiatives garnered awards for “Best Publication” and “Best Local Government Affairs Effort”, respectively, from the NAHB’s Executive Officers Council.

“Having been recognized with not one, but two Awards of Excellence from the NAHB is a great achievement for the Puerto Rico Builders Association. As our Association continues to grow, the work we do just keeps getting better and stronger, something we are all proud of, said PRBA Chairwoman, Arch. Vanessa de Mari-Monserrate.

“One of our goals at the PRBA is to continue to educate on the pressing issues regarding construction and provide solutions for the future in commercial, tourism and home building of Puerto Rico. That is the main driver behind our trade magazine, ‘Tiempo de Construir’, which has exposed the incredible work of so many of our members over the years,” said De Mari-Monserrate.

“That same goal was translated effectively in our campfire event held earlier this year, where we were able to present and discuss matters of great importance with local politicians to come up with the best solution for Puerto Rico and its residents,” she said.

These awards were contested among almost 120 construction associations nationwide. The awards to the PRBA were presented early last month.

The Association Excellence Awards is an annual program designed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of state and local home builders’ associations and executive officers in the field of association management.

EOC membership is comprised of the staff executives who direct more than 650 NAHB-affiliated state and local home builders’ associations representing more than 140,000 home builders in communities across the United States.

“It never ceases to amaze the work product that is created by local and state HBA’s throughout our NAHB federation. The shear cumulative effort embodied by all that submitted for AEA awards is beyond impressive,” said EOC President Brian Miller.

“During these ever changing and challenging times in which we find ourselves it takes grit, determination, innovation, and a spirit of entrepreneurship to successfully navigate the headwinds that face associations today,” he said.

“The volunteers, leaders and staff teams that represent the 2021 winners should take pride in knowing that they embody the true excellence we see day in and day out to run a vibrant and successful association,” Miller added.

The winning entries will be added to the NAHB website, so that other executives and associations across the country can access and learn from them to provide better service to their own members and community, the organization stated.

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