PRBA 50th Annual Convention

October 10, 2023

Event Description

Start at:
October 10, 2023 8:00 AM
Ends at:
October 12, 2023 8:00 PM

Location: Oct. 10-11, 2023 - Puerto Rico Convention Center | Oct. 12, 2023 - Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (Convention District)

Mark your calendars for our 2023 PRBA Annual Convention!

On October 10-11, 2023 the Puerto Rico Builders Association is proud to celebrate its 50th Annual Convention, marking a significant milestone in the construction industry. This special event brings together industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders to honor the association's legacy, while also focusing on the future of construction in Puerto Rico.

With an exciting lineup of keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, informative workshops, and a vibrant exhibition, the convention showcases the latest trends, innovations, and best practices. Attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, forge valuable partnerships, and gain valuable insights to navigate the ever-evolving construction landscape.

Join us as we celebrate five decades of progress, collaboration, and excellence in Puerto Rico's construction sector.

Main Topics & Speakers

  • Keynote Speaker: Adrianne Todman, HUD Deputy Secretary
  • Industry Forecasts & Insights
  • The great housing imbalance: a conversation with Tony Salazar
  • Puerto Rico's department of housing: a 50 year History
  • FMRs and Income Limits - Impact on Puerto Rico's Economic Development
  • The Future of Luxury Hotels: Round table Discussion (a ULI Panel)
  • Puerto Rico's Housing Market: Where are we?

PRBA 50th Annual Celebration Details:

And on October 12th get ready to be part of our 50th Annual Convention Celebration where we will be recognizing the legacy of the  Association's builder members at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino (Convention District) ➡️

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