An Important Visit to Washington DC to Address Puerto Rico’s Reconstruction

On October 14, the chairman and vice chairman of PRBA Board of Directors, Eng. Emilio Colón Zavala and Alfredo Martínez-Álvarez, Jr., respectively, along with key players of the private sector traveled to the Federal Capital and met with several congressmen to address various pressing issues concerning Puerto Rico’s reconstruction process.

In those meetings, representatives of the Puerto Rico Builders Association, Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce, Made in Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rico Private Sector Coalition also addressed the need of guaranteeing the access to CDBG- DR funds.

The agenda included meetings with Gary Grippo, Deputy Assistant Secretary Public Finance of the US Department of Treasury and with Representatives Darren Soto, Don Young and José Serrano, Senator Chick Schumer.

A meeting with Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González concluded the agenda, urging her to continue raising her voice as well as the island allies voice towards the much needed continuity of the reconstruction process.

A Total Success: 2019 PRBA Annual Convention

The two-day event featured presentations by the Governor Wanda Vázquez and internationally-acclaimed public speakers.

Recognizing the need to continue developing strategies that provides the tools to face a Challenge to Build the Future the Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA) presented a solid and relevant program on its 46th Annual Convention. The event was held on October 29 and 30 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

The Puerto Rico Builders Association managed once again to put together a rundown which once again ratified that this is the most important Construction Industry event on the Island.

The two-day event kicked off with the annual members meeting with a record in attendance and in which the new Board of Directors was elected. Alfredo Martínez-Álvarez, Jr. was elected as the new chairman of the Board. Martínez-Álvarez, Jr., two- year term will begin next January and will count with a renowned team of professionals that are willing to contribute to continue with Puerto Rico’s reconstruction process. The Board of Directors is also composed by Architect Vanessa de Mari-Monserrate who was elected vice chairman of the Board, Waleska Rivera as treasurer and Armando Vilas, esq., as secretary.

The members of the new Board of Directors are: Emilio Colón Zavala, Adolfo González Santini, Orlando Méndez, Adriel Longo, Pablo Dardet, Agustín Rojo, Patricio Martínez Lorenzo, Alejandro Brito, Rafael Rojo, Christian Bernaschina, Ramón de León, Daniel Acosta, Ricardo Agudo, Federico Sánchez Ortiz, Ricardo Álavrez-Diaz, Fernando Sumaza, Roberto Trápaga Fonalledas, Francisco Arteaga, Silvio López, George Pavarini, Victoria Colón, Jorge Guerrero, Nydin Watlington, María de los Angeles Rivera, and Wilma Alejandro.

The first day’s panels focused on the challenges currently faced by the construction industry, a panel of experts and opinion makers provided the attendees with the tools to understand the need to start building the Puerto Rican Home for the 21st Century.  John Englander, president and founder of the International Sea Level Institute participated in the second panel, which helped to realize The Challenge of a Changing Climate: Are we up to it?

Governor Wanda Vázquez- Garced opened the second day of the 46th annual convention addressing the importance of focusing the administration’s efforts to keep working towards the island’s reconstruction process and the importance to finally accessing the funds allocated for the reconstruction two years after hurricane María ravaged our island.

Addressing one of the PRBA’s missions Adam Greenfader, Chairperson of the Urban Land Institute- Caribbean Council, and PRBA’s liaison at the state of Florida moderated: The Future of Tourism and Hospitality: Increasing Capacity and Competing in a New Caribbean Market, panel. A distinguished panel composed by Puerto Rico Tourism Company executive director Carla Campos, Pablo Matunara, Managing Director of Development for South America and the Caribbean at Hilton International, Rachel DeLevis, Policy Associate for AirBnB, Federico Stubbe Jr., President of PRISA Group, Federico Sánchez, President and CEO of Interlink Group and Eric Berman, Chief Investment Officer at Lifeafar International discussed the need for Puerto Rico to step up in the region as a principal competitor in the tourism market.

The main event had Anthony A. Williams, former Mayor of Washington D.C., and current Chief Executive Officer of the Federal City Council as keynote speaker. Tony Williams shared with the attendees the Anacostia River Waterfront Urban Transformation Case Study. Williams also addressed the importance of the urban and social transformation of his city and its relevance for us in Puerto Rico, highlighting the importance of starting to rebuild and restore the public grounds by regaining trust, sharing responsibility and being accountable.

As you all know the PRBA’s Convention hosts the annual award ceremony in which key players of the construction industry are recognized for their outstanding performance and contributions first to Puerto Rico and to our industry. This year awards recognized:

  • Luxury Residential Category- The Enclave at Dorado Beach Resort
  • Social Interest Residential Category- Renaissance Square
  • Elderly Residential Category- Ciudad Lumen
  • Commercial Impact Development- Puerto Rico Pathology
  • Social Impact Development- Palacio Dorado Apartments
  • Institutional Impact Development- Caguas Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Baker of the Year- Rachel Fernández
  • Associate Member- Caribbean Project Management
  • Professional Member- Patricio Martínez esq.
  • Public Servant- Fernando Gil- Enseñat, Secretary of the Puerto Rico Housing Department
  • Builder of the Year- PRISA Group

Dennis González, Kenneth Rivera, Habitat for Humanity of PR, Thomas Kierce, and Nory Rivera, PRBA Executive Director received this year’s President’s special award. Zaida Rodriguez, President Emilio Colón Zavala’s wife, received a special acknowledgement for her support to the Community Service Committee.

The Puerto Rico’s Builders’ Association concluded the two-day event exploring the Housing Affordability: Issues and Opportunities and encouraging all attendees to Think Big: Building in the Times of Crisis. This panel, moderated by Waleska Rivera, included presentations by Randy Noel from the National Association of Home Builders, Friedel Stubbe PRISA Group CEO and Nydin Watlington, Cemex Public Affairs and General Counsel.

The professionals gave insights on the challenges we face and how these can be overcome. “We cannot be afraid, we have to believe in ourselves. We have the potential, we have projects that are recognized internationally, we just can’t be afraid,” said Stubbe when speaking on how Puerto Rico has the opportunity to become a reconstruction hub of the greatest caliber.

Both lecture-filled days were concluded with happy-hour networking cocktails where guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and a full-service cocktail bar.

The PRBA would like to thank all of the sponsors who made this event possible and all those assisted this year’s Convention. See you next year!

The PRBA 2019 Awards Luncheon was sponsored by VRM and Creative Development.
George Pavarini, Alfredo Martínez Álvarez Jr., Alfredo Martínez Álvarez, Emilio Colón Zavala, and Francisco Arteaga.
On the first day members held their Annual Members Meeting. Guests were able to enjoy numerous panels as a delicious lunch in the PRBA 2019 Awards Luncheon.

Exhibitors where able to showcase their latest innovative products to attendees, builders, architects, bankers, lawyers, and all conglomerates within the construction sector.

Yanira Otero and José Santiago from Steel and Pipes present their materials next to their character Hierroton.
Mauricio Cevallos, Francisco Medina and Eduardo Pardo.
Gregg Morris, Patricio Martínez Lorenzo, Esq., John Englander and Fernando Pagés, from the panel “The Challenge of a Changing Climate: Are We Up To It?”
Fernando Gil, Emilio Colón Zavala, Alfredo Martínez Álvarez, Jr., Luis Carlos Fernández, and Ottmar Chávez.
Fernando Gil, Luis Carlos Fernández, Ottmar Chávez, Adolfo González from the panel “State of Our Reconstruction.”
PRBA Chairman Emilio Colón Zavala receives a recognition for his excellent labour as Chairman by the Mortgage Loan Officers Association President, Jose Juan Pérea. Also pictured: Marcial Díaz.
Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez Garced
Fernando Gil, Ottmar Chávez, Luis Carlos Fernández, and Adolfo González from the panel ” State of Our Reconstruction.”
Waleska Rivera, Federico Stubbe, Nysin Watlington, and Randy Noel from the panel “Think Big: Building in the Times of Crisis.”
Adam Greenfader, Carla Campos, Pablo Maturana, Federico Stubbe Jr., Rachel DeLevie, Federico Sanchez, and Eric Berman, from the panel “The Future of Tourism and Hospitality: Increasing Capacity and Competing in a New Caribbean Market.”
Rafael Rojo, Agustín Rojo and Joe Vizcarrondo.
Friedel Stubbe, CEO, PRISA Group, received the award: Builder of the Year.
Lymaris Albors, from Acacia Development, received an award for Palacio Dorado. Also in the image: Emilio Colón Zavala, PRBA Chairman, and Cristina Rivera, president of the Awards Committee.
Zaida Rodríguez received the Presidential Award for her work as member of the PRBA’s Community Service Committee.
Joe Vizcarrondo received an award in the name of Caguas Ambulatory Center: Institutional Project of the Year.
Rachel Fernández, from Banco Popular, received an award as Banker of the Year.
Patricio Martínez-Lorenzo, Esq., was awarded as Professional Member of the Year.
Fernando Gil, Esq., Secretary of Housing of Puerto Rico, was awarded as Government Official of the Year.
Amanda Silva, Esq., Habitat for Humanity of PR’s executive director, received the institution’s award.
Tommy Kierce received the Presidential Award.
Francisco Arteaga, among the CPM team, was awarded as Associate Member of the Year.
Oceanographer John Englander, one of the main speakers at the Convention.
Mayor Anthony Williams, keynote speaker, spoke about the development of Anacostia Waterfront, Washington DC.
Nydin Watlington, Esq.; Architect Vanessa de Mari; Waleska Rivera; Emilio Colón Zavala, PE; Friedel Stubbe; Randy Noel, past chairman, National Association of Home Builders; and Alfredo Martínez Álvarez, Jr.
Homebuilding in the 21st Century panel speakers: Iván Zavala, Rafael Rojo, Cristina Fernández, Ricardo Álvarez Díaz, Michael Mc Donald and Gustavo Vélez.

HUD Economic Opportunity Summit

HUD’s Section 3 program requires that entities receiving federal funds make their best effort to train and hire low-income residents and contractors from the area where the funds are being used.

Following this mandate, the HUD San Juan Field Office partnered with the P.R. Department of Housing, the P.R. Builders Association, and the

P.R. Association of General Contractors to convey a Section 3 HUD Economic Opportunity Summit held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.

Message from the San Juan Field Office:
Greetings from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development San Juan Field Office. The purpose of this Caribbean Newsletter is to showcase key activities held by the San Juan Field Office and stakeholders. Fiscal year 2019 was indeed a year of continued achievements moving forward with various secretarial priorities. The initiatives revolve around Opportunity Zones incentives, Section 3 Portal Registration for businesses, Healthy Homes programs, disaster recovery efforts, reducing homelessness count and identifying new EnVision Centers for self-sufficiency. We hope you enjoy this highlight review for the FY 2019, and we look forward to continuing working together with our partners and stakeholders for fiscal year 2020.

Efraín Maldonado, Esq.
Field Office Director

To read more, download HUD’s Newsletter: FY2019 HUDSJ Caribbean Newsletter


Relmagina anuncia nuevo directorio para la industria de la construcción

ReImagina Puerto Rico en colaboración con la Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico y la Asociación de Contratistas Generales de Puerto Rico han creado un directorio digital de recursos de la industria de construcción de Puerto Rico.

Nuestro objetivo es que exista un portal público donde empresas locales e individuos profesionales puedan dar a conocer sus capacidades para ejecutar trabajos relacionados a la reconstrucción de Puerto Rico. De esta forma se le da visibilidad a compañías locales y profesionales que trabajan en el campo de la construcción en Puerto Rico para explorar oportunidades de negocios, contrataciones, subcontrataciones y/o alianzas. El portal incorpora compañías y profesionales dentro de las siguientes categorías:

  • Diseño, Ingeniería y Planificación
  • Contratista de Infraestructura
  • Contratista Comercial
  • Suplidores
  • Contratista Residencial
  • Servicios (PM, QA/QC, permisologiía, etc.)

Ser parte del directorio lo identifica como un recurso disponible para hacer negocios en Puerto Rico en el campo de la construcción, detallando sus capacidades, especialidades y cualificaciones.

Por tal razón, esta herramienta contribuirá a aumentar las contrataciones de empresas y recursos locales en los trabajos de reconstrucción de la Isla.

Accede al directorio y regístrate libre de costo

La creación del directorio de recursos de la construcción es parte de las iniciativas alineadas a las 97 recomendaciones de ReImagina Puerto Rico. En particular, impulsar las Acciones 77 y 78: potenciar las inversiones de reconstrucción tras el paso del huracán María, a fin de promover la recuperación del sector de la construcción; y asegurarse que las contrataciones relacionadas con los esfuerzos de reconstrucción le den prioridad a la fuerza laboral local.

Los datos de este portal son ingresados por cada usuario/empresa. ReImagina Puerto Rico y sus afiliados no son responsables por errores o discrepancias en los datos, y no endosan, ni garantizan el trabajo de las compañías y profesionales que figuran en el directorio.

ReImagina Puerto Rico es una iniciativa local sin fines de lucro que trabaja para alcanzar una pronta recuperación y una reconstrucción coordinada para Puerto Rico. ReImagina promueve un Puerto Rico fuerte, equitativo y próspero ayudando a reconstruir la isla sobre una base más sólida, justa y resiliente.  ReImagina fue creado en enero del 2018, luego de los impactos de los huracanes Irma y María, para convocar una variedad de voces para que identificaran un enfoque común que dirija los esfuerzos de reconstrucción.  Actualmente, ReImagina trabaja para fomentar la implementación de nuestras 97 recomendaciones y desarrollar herramientas y coaliciones con múltiples sectores para avanzar las reformas y monitorear el progreso hacia la recuperación de Puerto Rico.  No partidista e independiente, ReImagina evolucionó de la Comisión Asesora para un Puerto Rico Resiliente para ser ahora un programa del Centro para una Nueva Economía.

Fuente – Relmagina Puerto RIco

La Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico exhorta al diálogo sobre la reforma salarial

La Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico (ACPR) reiteró su posición de que es necesario mejorar las condiciones salariales de nuestros obreros. A su vez, es igualmente importante implantar reformas estructurales que mitiguen cualquier efecto que esto pueda significar.

San Juan, 4 de noviembre de 2019 – “No puede hacer más sentido vivir de las beneficencias que trabajar. A su vez, hay que atender las reformas salariales, teniendo en cuenta que estas no afecten los fondos asignados para los proyectos de la reconstrucción. Es importante que se trabaje simultáneamente en medidas que ayuden a reducir los costos de operación para viabilizar estos aumentos. Nuestro recurso más importante es el humano. Se deben tomar las medidas necesarias para lograr que estos aumentos salariales no perjudican a nuestros obreros mediante la pérdida de beneficios de asistencia para vivienda subsidiada y salud entre otros. Hay que trabajar medidas para que se pueda tener una mejor calidad de vida que eliminen la necesidad de tales subsidios”, indicó el presidente de la ACPR, el Ing. Emilio Colón Zavala.

Durante una conferencia de prensa de la Unión Internacional de Trabajadores de Norte América (LiUNA) hoy, se informó que esa entidad contrató al cabildero Elías Sánchez para lograr la aprobación de la Orden Ejecutiva 2018-033. Esto se hizo sin una discusión transparente, multisectorial en la cual pudieran evaluarse los efectos de estas medidas en la industria de la construcción y la economía en general.

“Repudiamos los estilos tradicionales que desembocaron en el verano del 2019. Hay que buscar soluciones distintas que resuelvan los problemas de nuestra sociedad de manera holística. La sindicación obligatoria mediante los acuerdos laborales por proyecto y otras medidas contenidas a lo que han abonado es al problema de presupuesto que el gobierno incluso ha tenido para sacar sus proyectos. Es hora de derogar la orden ejecutiva y volver a la mesa del diálogo”, concluyó el Presidente de la ACPR.

Asociación de Constructores presenta su 46 Convención Anual

Anthony A. Williams ex alcalde de la ciudad de Washington D.C. como orador invitado

Bajo el título “A Challenge to Build the Future”, la Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico (ACPR) anuncia su cuadragésimo sexta convención anual los días 29 y 30 de octubre. La misma persigue servir a través de su contenido de empuje robusto hacia la construcción que se está dando y se tiene que dar en la reconstrucción de Puerto Rico.

“Nos complace que Anthony A. Williams, ex alcalde de la ciudad de Washington DC, sea uno de nuestros oradores invitados en un programa del que estamos seguro contribuirá al entusiasmo y compromiso que todos tenemos con la reconstrucción de Puerto Rico. Williams, nos presentará entre otros temas, el proceso de la transformación del Anacostia River Front, espacio que representa la restauración de un área con un alto grado de diferencia social y que hoy es un modelo urbanístico a seguir”.

Tony Williams fue alcalde de la ciudad de Washington D.C. entre 1999 y 2007. Actualmente es el principal oficial ejecutivo del Federal City Council, una organización que se enfoca en los talentos creativos y administrativos de los líderes empresariales y profesionales de la ciudad de Washington D.C. para atender los principales problemas y oportunidades que enfrenta el Distrito.

Es ampliamente reconocido por liderar la recuperación que experimentó Washington D.C. durante sus dos términos como alcalde, recuperando las finanzas de la capital de Estados Unidos y mejorando el desempeño de las agencias de gobierno, todo esto mientras logró una reducción en los impuestos e invirtiendo en infraestructura y servicios humanos.

Además, de sus funciones como principal oficial ejecutivo de del Federal City Council, Williams es asesor senior para la firma King y Spaulding, LLP. Pertenece a juntas directivas de varias compañías, así como a las juntas del Urban Institute y la National Geographic Society.

Antes de unirse al Federal City Council, dirigió la Práctica de Gobierno Global del Corporate Executive Board en Arlington, Virginia. Ha impartido cursos en finanzas públicas y liderazgo urbano como profesor en gestión pública en la Escuela de Gobierno John F. Kennedy de Harvard. A su vez coordinaba el Programa de innovación municipal en el Centro Ash para la Gobernanza Democrática e Innovación.

Antes de ser electo alcalde, fue el principal oficial financiero independiente para el Distrito desde 1995 a 1998, trabajando con y en representación de los funcionarios locales, la Junta de Control Fiscal de D.C. y el Congreso de los Estados Unidos. Antes de comenzar a trabajar directamente en Washington, Williams trabajó en diversas posiciones en el gobierno a nivel federal, estatal y local, incluyendo su función como el primer Principal Oficial Financiero para el Departamento de Agricultura de los Estados Unidos, nombrado por el expresidente Bill Clinton y confirmado por el Senado de los Estados Unidos.

Posee un bachillerato de la Universidad de Yale, una maestría en política pública de la Escuela Kennedy de Harvard, un Juris Doctor de la Escuela de Leyes de Harvard, así como varios premios y grados honorarios, incluyendo el de funcionario público del año del Governing Magazine en 1997. Es miembro de la Academia Nacional de Administración Pública y ex presidente de la Liga Nacional de Ciudades.

Contaremos con una representación de oradores reconocidos en temas de construcción por lo que invitamos a nuestros socios y a todos los sectores de Puerto Rico a participar y beneficiarse de la relevante discusión que se propiciará en esta Convención.

¿Hace falta seguir construyendo en Puerto Rico?

Con miles de casas y otras estructuras abandonadas, más la emigración masiva y la amenaza del cambio climático, ¿son necesarias más construcciones en Puerto Rico? Fue el tema del podcast Torres Gotay Entrevista donde participó el presidente de la Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico, el Ing. Emilio Colón Zavala para conversar sobre este tema.

Sintoniza el podcast/entrevista:

Enterprise Community Partners Launches Unprecedented Disaster Recovery and Resilience Manual for Puerto Rico and Island Communities

Comprehensive guide helps tenants, owners, governments and communities prepare for the realities of climate change

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – Keep Safe: A Guide for Resilient Housing Design in Island Communities, a
first-of-its-kind illustrated manual developed in response to the devastation of Hurricane Maria in
collaboration with over 150 experts from across Puerto Rico and mainland United States, was released
today by Enterprise Community Partners (Enterprise) and the Puerto Rico Builders Association at the
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 479-page manual,
available in English and Spanish, provides practical tips and specific resources to help homeowners,
community leaders, tenants, housing program administrators, property operators and construction
professionals in Puerto Rico and other islands develop stronger, more resilient homes and communities
that can withstand extreme weather events. Enterprise will host additional launch events in the US
Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys later this fall.
“The growing threat of natural disasters due to climate change makes it essential for every government
and every community to make resiliency a top priority. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for
how to do that,” said Laurel Blatchford, president of Enterprise. “The ferocity with which Hurricane
Maria impacted Puerto Rico was matched only by local government and community leaders’ collective
commitment to rebuilding. After 20 years of working to support affordable housing in Puerto Rico,
Enterprise pulled together every best practice, resource and innovation in our field and worked with
local and national experts to create an arsenal of tools that can protect island communities from facing
impacts on that scale again.”
Some of the most impactful and unique recommendations in Keep Safe include:
  • Strategies to promote Passive Habitability when a home loses power to enable residents to stay in their homes.
  • Site-specific strategies that utilize vegetation and green infrastructure in addition to the standard grey infrastructure most commonly used to mitigate flooding.

The manual is designed as an interactive workbook, with detailed annotated diagrams that cover everything from what types of vegetation can best withstand storms and protect properties (p. 83), to the difference between various types of nails and fasteners (p. 203) to how to choose a cistern to collect rainwater (p. 340). Keep Safe includes 28 strategies for mitigating key risks, grouped into 12 chapters that range from building protection to passive habitability, water management, energy and emergency preparedness. Each strategy includes step-by-step instructions for implementation, accompanied by photographs, how-to diagrams, infographics, key information and supporting strategies.

“In developing this guide, we made a concerted effort to highlight and amplify the incredible
leadership happening in Puerto Rico to promote resilience in water, energy and food security because
of how critical community support is to protecting homes and communities from climate-related
hazards,” said Laurie Schoeman, senior program director for resilience and disaster recovery at
Enterprise. “Working together, we identified what a truly resilient community can and should look like
and developed a clear path to get there.”
Emilio Colón Zavala, Chairman of the Board of the Puerto Rico Builders Association, expressed the
Association’s satisfaction with the results of this project. “The task of being able to establish this
cooperative effort of 150 experts, with multiple cultural and professional backgrounds, is an example
of how complex projects can produce good results, with the right will and commitment. This guide is a
milestone for present and future generations, in order to develop stronger and more resilient homes
and communities. Our recognition and gratitude goes to the Enterprise team for this initiative,” said
Colón Zavala.
In addition to the key strategies, the Keep Safe manual includes information on obtaining building
permits in Puerto Rico, as well as financial and programmatic resources that can provide assistance.
The guide also includes an overview of specific hazards and vulnerabilities for different regions of the
island, in addition to a historical overview of natural disasters in the region, represented in an
infographic timeline that visually projects the disasters likely to occur in the coming years.
Enterprise developed the guide in partnership with a team of over 150 technical experts across Puerto
Rico and the United States from a range of organizations including the University of Puerto Rico Schools of Architecture, Planning and Engineering, as well as MIT’s Urban Risk Lab and National Renewable Energy Laboratories. The effort is part of Enterprise’s Climate Strong Islands Initiative, an effort to bring technical and capacity building support to island jurisdictions to ensure an equitable and resilient future in the face of risk from natural hazards.
The launch event in San Juan was attended by local government officials, housing stakeholders and key
collaborators who contributed to the manual. The celebration included a keynote address from Ada
Monzón, Chief Meteorologist for WAPA-TV, and a panel discussion featuring experts working in
government, construction, planning, community leadership, financing and housing development.
About Enterprise Community Partners Enterprise is a proven and powerful nonprofit that improves communities and people’s lives by making well-designed homes affordable and connected to opportunity.  As a social enterprise, we bring together the nationwide know-how, policy leadership, partners, donors and investors to multiply the impact of local affordable housing development. Over more than 35 years, Enterprise has created 585,000 homes, invested more than $43 billion and touched millions of lives.

Asociación de Constructores discutirá el tema de vivienda en su 46ava convención

Como parte de su 46ava convención anual, “A Challenge to Build the Future”, a celebrarse los días 29 y 30 de octubre de 2019, la Asociación de Constructores de Puerto Rico (ACPR) desarrollará un panel de mucha relevancia en los trabajos de reconstrucción de Puerto Rico, bajo el tema: “Puerto Rican Home for the 21st Century”. A través de este panel se pretende provocar una discusión en este área de gran interés y necesidad.

Emilio Colón Zavala, presidente de la ACPR, señaló que “el desarrollo de este tópico cumple el objetivo de traer temas de actualidad, promoviendo el desarrollo planificado, seguro y sostenible que sirva como motor económico en la isla, en colaboración con los sectores público y privado”.

El panel “Puerto Rican Home for the 21st Century”, contará con la participación del economista Gustavo Vélez, Michael McDonald, Iván Zavala y el Arq. Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz.

“A Challenge to Build the Future”, a través de su contenido robusto, persigue servir en la construcción y desarrollo que se está dando, y que se tiene que dar, en Puerto Rico. Esta diversidad de temas con un propósito en común, es solo una muestra de los paneles que se estarán presentando en esta cuadragésima sexta convención, sirviendo de interés a múltiples sectores.

PRBA present in DC

Architect Ricardo Álvarez-Díaz, past president of the Puerto Rico Builders Association (PRBA), visited Washington DC in support of the efforts of several government leaders to change the perception of corruption on the management of federal funds in PR.

The purpose was to present a different position of Puerto Rico as a result of the recent changes in government. Among the people who traveled to DC were: Governor Wanda Vázquez, Housing Secretary Fernando Gil, House Speaker Johnny Mendez, Senate President Thomas Rivera Schatz, Senator Eduardo Bathia, Representatives Rafael ” Tatito” Hernández, Aníbal Díaz Collazo and Luis Ortíz Lugo, among others. During their stay in DC, they met with HUD, Treasury Department and Resident Commissioner Jennifer Gonzalez.

Architect Álvarez-Díaz, as representative of the ACPR, met with Congressman Raúl Grijalva, Rep. Nydia Velázquez, staff of the office of Senator Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, with representatives of the HUD office and with the Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González to talk about the reality of PR from the point of view of the private sector.

Arq. Álvarez-Díaz also met with Major Anthony A. Williams, former mayor of Washington DC, who will be the keynote speaker of the ACPR Convention in October of this year. Both were able to discuss the similarities of the challenges faced by both jurisdictions and how this experience can serve as an example for the reconstruction of PR.